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HPE ProLiant Server CLI Commands

HPE SDR(Software Delivery Repository)

What is SDR?

The Software Delivery Repository hosts yum and apt repositories for Linux-related software packages.

SPP Service Pack for ProLiant
Drivers and agent software for RedHat and SLES
MCP Management Component Pack for ProLiant
Agent software for Ubuntu, Oracle and community distros

How to create SDR in Local Site

Sync for SDR

# mkdir -p /var/www/html/SDR/downloads/ServicePackforProLiant
# export RSYNC_PROXY=""
# rsync --progress -avz /var/www/html/SDR/downloads/ServicePackforProLiant/

Sync for SPP and MCP

rsync -avH  /home/opt/repo/
rsync -avH  /home/opt/repo/

How to use SDR in RHEL

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