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HPE BladeSystem CLI Commands

BladeSystem OA(Onboard Administrator) Command

Commands Note

Blade management commands

connect server BAY_NUMBER Connect Server
Opens a Text Console session to the iLO specified.
poweroff server BAY_NUMBER
poweroff server BAY_NUMBER force
Performs a graceful shutdown of the server in the specified bay
poweron server BAY_NUMBER POwers on the specified server blade or all server blades
reboot server BAY_NUMBER Sends a request to the server to perform a system rest
set server boot once cd
set server boot once pxe
Sets the boot device to be used on the next boot of the bays specified.
show server status all
show server status BAY_NUMBER
Displays the following settings of server blade
show server port map ALL
show server port map BAY_NUMBER
Displays the port mapping for the server specified by the bay number
show server list Displays a brief description of all server blades to which the current user has access
show server names Displays a brief description of all server blades to which the current user has access
show server info ALL
show server info BAY_NUMBER
show server info 1 ← Bay 1 Server
Display the following fields : Serial number, Server name, ROM BIOS version etc

Interconnect management commands

connect interconnect BAY_NUMBER Connects the user to the serial console of the interconnect present in the interconnect module bay
clear interconnect session BAY_NUMBER Terminates a serial console session of a user on an interconnect.
show interconnect info all
show interconnect info BAY_NUMBER
Displays the following information
show interconnect list Displays the interconnect list.
show interconnect status Displays interconnect status information.



$ ssh Administrator@
Warning: Permanently added '' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.

WARNING: This is a private system.  Do not attempt to login unless you are an
authorized user.  Any authorized or unauthorized access and use may be moni-
tored and can result in criminal or civil prosecution under applicable law.

Firmware Version: 4.30
Built: 07/08/2014 @ 16:13
OA Bay Number:  1
OA Role:        Active
Administrator@'s password:

HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator
(C) Copyright 2006-2014 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

Type 'HELP' to display a list of valid commands.
Type 'HELP <command>' to display detailed information about a specific command.
Type 'HELP HELP' to display more detailed information about the help system.


show server names

test-blade-1-OA1iLO> show server names

Bay iLO Name                      iLO IP Address  Status   Power   UID Partner
--- ----------------------------- --------------- -------- ------- --- -------
  1 dev-test-iLO             OK       On      Off
  2 [Absent]
  3 [Absent]
  4 [Absent]

show server list

test-blade-1-OA1iLO> show server list

Bay iLO Name                      iLO IP Address  Status   Power   UID Partner
--- ----------------------------- --------------- -------- ------- --- -------
  1 test-centos5-iLO          OK       On      Off
  2 test-server1-iLO          OK       On      Off
  3 test-server-2-iLO         OK       On      Off
  4 ILOCN700XXXX              OK       On      Off
  5 [Absent]
  6 [Absent]
  7 [Absent]
  8 test-server-test03-iLO      OK       On      Off
  9 test-esx1-iLO             OK       On      Off
 10 ILOCN701XXXXX             OK       On      Off
 11 [Absent]
 12 ILOCN7XXXXXXX             OK       On      Off
 13 ILOCN70XXXXXX             OK       On      Off
 14 ILOCN7XXXXXXX             OK       On      Off
 15 [Absent]
 16 [Absent]
Totals: 10 server blades installed, 10 powered on.


show server info all

test-blade-1-OA1iLO> show server info all

Server Blade #1 Information:
        Type: Server Blade
        Manufacturer: HP
        Product Name: ProLiant BL460c G6
        Part Number: AW168A
        System Board Spare Part Number: 531221-001
        Serial Number: CN70XXXXXX
        UUID: 36315741-4138-4E43-3XXX-31303036XXXXX
        Server Name: test-serveer1
        Asset Tag: [Unknown]
        ROM Version: I24 05/05/2011

        CPU 1: Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2933 MHz
        CPU 2: Quad-Core Intel Xeon 2933 MHz
        Memory: 8192 MB

        Flex-10 Embedded Ethernet
          NIC 1 MAC Address: D8:D3:85:DA:7C:XX
          NIC 2 MAC Address: D8:D3:85:DA:7C:XX
        iSCSI 1 MAC Address: D8:D3:85:DA:7C:XX
        iSCSI 2 MAC Address: D8:D3:85:DA:7C:XX

        Mezzanine 1: NC326m Dual Port 1Gb NIC for c-Class BladeSystem
         Port 1: f4:ce:46:bd:67:XX
         Port 2: f4:ce:46:bd:67:XX

Management Processor Information:
        Type: iLO2
        Name: test-server-iLO
        Firmware Version: 2.05 Dec 17 2010
        IP Address:
        MAC Address: D8:D3:85:DC:XX:XX
        Power Management Controller Version: 3.4

Server Blade #2 Information:
        Server Blade Type: No Server Blade Installed

Server Blade #3 Information:
        Server Blade Type: No Server Blade Installed



>show interconnect info all

1. Ethernet
        Product Name: HP 6125G Blade Switch
        Width: Single
        URL to Management interface:
        In-Band IPv4 Address:
        User Assigned Name: dev-testirfsw-1
        Part Number: 658247-B21
        Spare Part Number: 663656-001
        Serial Number: 6C7423XXXX
        Temperature Sensor: Present
        JS2 Connector: Absent
        Internal Ethernet Interface to OA: Present
        Internal Ethernet Route to OA: Enabled
        Internal Serial Interface to OA: Present
        Internal Serial Route to OA: Enabled
        Serial Port Baud Rate: 9600
        External Serial Port Interface: Present
        External Ethernet Interface: Absent
        Manufacturer: HP

2. Ethernet
        Product Name: HP 6125G Blade Switch
        Width: Single


  • HPE BladeSystem Onboard Administrator Command Line Interface User Guide


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