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Juniper Junos CLI Commands(SRX/QFX/EX)

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Juniper Junos Commands

System Management

Basic Operation login
% cli
> configure

> start shell
Check > show system uptime
>show system storage
> pint x.x.x.x
> traceroute x.x.x.x interface ge-0/0/0
> telnet x.x.x.x port 23
Configuration > configure
> show configuration | display set | no-more
# show | display set |no-more
> show configuration | display set | match XXXX
# show | display set |match XXXX
> show configuration | display set | save USER@
Basic Setting hostname
(system syslog)
(security log)
> show log messages?
> show log messages | last 10
> show log /var/log/messages | last
Time > show system uptime
Hardware > show chassis hardware ← Check Serial Number, SFP
> show system alarms
> show chassis cluster status
> request system reboot
> request system power-off
Virtual Chassis > ping x.x.x.x routing-instance XXXX
SRX Chassis Cluster > show chassis cluter status
> show chassis cluter interfaces

LAN Switching

Interface > show interface terse
>show interfaces ge-0/0/1 media ← Check Duplex and Speed
Mac address > show arp
VLAN > show vlan brief
Link Aggregation
(AE = Aggreated Ethernet)
ae is Aggregated Ethernet interface.
> show interfaces terse | match ae
Static Route > show route terse

IP Routing

Policy > show security zones
#show | display set | no-more | match policy
NAT Source NAT Server/Office –> Internet
> show security nat source rule all
Static NAT Internet –> Server
> show security nat static rule all
Destination NAT Internet –> Server
> show security nat destination rule all
Check > traceroute source
IPsec VPN Phase1
>show security ike security-associations
>show security ike security-associations detail
#run show security ike security-associations
>show security ipsec security-associations
>show security ipsec security-associations detail
#run show security ipsec security-associations


Traffic Monitor(tcpdump)
Traffic Log
> monitor interface traffic ← check all interface traffic summary
> monitor traffic interface vlan.10
> monitor traffic interface vlan.10 matching “host && udp && port 9997”

> start shell user root
% tcpdump -n host


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