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HPE ProLiant Server CLI Commands

hpdiags - How to use hpdiags command on HPE ProLiant Server


#/opt/hp/hpdiags/hpdiags -h

-l languageCode  options: en, fr, it, de, es, ja, zh (Default: en)

-v [Level]       Verbosity level of output between 1 and 5.
                 where 1 is the most terse level and 5 is the most verbose.
                 The default value is set to 5.

-o FILE          Specify output file name. By default, a file name is formed
                 using the current date and time in this format:
                 (YYYY=year, MM=month, DD=day, hh=hour, mm=minute, ss=second)
                 May not be used with -t.

-t               Output to the terminal. May not be used with -o.


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