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HPE XP Storage CLI Commands

What is HPE XP Storage

The HPE XP Storage is an enterprise class data storage platform for disaster proof storage for mission critical environments.

Technical Terms


Term Note
BC (Business Copy) Business Copy for local replication
HPE XP Business Copy makes nearly instantaneous copies of data from XP Storage for development, testing or backup, without ever interrupting your online production.
CA (Continuous Access) Continuous Access for remote replication
The HPE XP Continuous Access family of high availability data and disaster recovery tools enable real-time data mirroring between XP Storage.
RAID Manager Host based command line interface that controls XP7 Continuous Access, XP7 Business Copy, and Data Retention Utility
Performance Advisor Software Performance Advisor Software is a web-based application for collecting, monitoring, and displaying the performance of your Storage.
(Previously known as XPInfo)
Understand the mapping between device files on the server and their associated storage ports and LDEVs in the XP7 by using the XP7Info command line utility.
C-Track The HPE Continuous Track (C-Track) remote support solution uses internet connectivity to transmit heartbeats, system information messages (SIMs), and configuration information to the HPE Storage Technology Centers (STCs) for remote data collection and remote monitoring purpose


Term Note
SVP Service Processor
For redundant array management functions.
CHA Channel Host Adapters
Fibre Channel Host Adapter
DKCs Disk Controller Chassis
DKA Disk Adapter
Disk Adapter controls data transfer between the drives and cache memory.


SPOCK SPOCK (HP Single Point of Connectivity Knowledge)
SPOCK is the home of interoperability information for HPE Storage products.
HPE Storage compatibility testing is performed within array/operating system boundaries on a variety of HBAs, switches, and other types of components in an HPE Storage environment. Use SPOCK to help you find your environment details and confirm support.

RAID Manager


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