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Junos Hardware Commands

Check Commands

Description Command
JUNOS Version > show version
Check Uptime > show system uptime
Check Login User > show system users
Check Licenses > show system licenses
check system alarm > show system alarms
check chassis alarms > show chassis alarms
check hardware
(Serial Number, SFP)
> show chassis hardware
> show chassis hardware detail
check module and module status > show chassis fpc pic-status
check routing engine > show chassis routing-engine
check fan and temperature > show chassis environments
check LED > show chassis craft-interface


Operation Command
check cluster status > show chassis cluster status
check the interfaces using cluster > show chassis cluster interfaces

Hardware Operation Commands

Description Command
> request system reboot
> request system power-off
> request system halt
> restart routing
> restart routing gracefully
Initialize > request system zeroize
Junos Version up >request system software add /var/tmp/xxxx

Cluster Image

Term Note
control link
fabric link
RG (Redundancy Group)
Reth (Redundant Ethernet Interface)


root@J-SRX> show chassis cluster status 
Cluster ID: 1 
Node                  Priority          Status    Preempt  Manual failover

Redundancy group: 0 , Failover count: 1
    node0                   100         secondary      no       no  
    node1                   1           primary        no       no  

Redundancy group: 1 , Failover count: 1
    node0                   100         secondary      no       no  
    node1                   1           primary        no       no
root@J-SRX> show interfaces terse | match fxp 
fxp0                    up    up  
fxp0.0                  up    up   inet     
fxp1                    up    up  
fxp1.0                  up    up   inet    
fxp2                    up    up  
fxp2.0                  up    up   tnp      0x1100001
root@J-SRX> show interfaces terse | match fab 
ge-0/0/2.0              up    up   aenet    --> fab0.0
ge-9/0/2.0              up    up   aenet    --> fab1.0
fab0                    up    up  
fab0.0                  up    up   inet  
fab1                    up    up  
fab1.0                  up    up   inet  
root@J-SRX> show chassis cluster interfaces
Control link 0 name: fxp1
Control link status: Up

Fabric interfaces:
Name Child-interface Status
fab0 ge-0/0/2 up
fab1 ge-9/0/2 up
Fabric link status: Up

Redundant-ethernet Information:     
    Name         Status      Redundancy-group
    reth0        Down        1                
    reth1        Down        1                
    reth2        Down        Not configured
    reth3        Down        Not configured

Interface Monitoring:
    Interface         Weight    Status    Redundancy-group
    ge-2/0/1          255       Down      1  
    ge-11/0/1         255       Up        1   
    ge-11/0/0         255       Down      1   
    ge-2/0/0          255       Down      1   

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