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How to deploy some files with git

Deploy Image with Git

How to create Git Repository with Development Environment

dev1 ]$ vi
dev1 ]$ vi .gitignore

dev1 ]$ git init
dev1 ]$ git remote add origin
dev1 ]$ git add -A
dev1 ]$ git commit -m "First Commit"
dev1 ]$ git push -u origin master

How to edit files with Develop Environment

dev1 ]$ git status
dev1 ]$ git pull origin master
dev1 ]$ git status
dev1 ]$ vi XXXX

dev1 ]$ git status
dev1 ]$ git add -A
dev1 ]$ git status

How to deploy from Git Repository to Production

First time
prod1 ]$ git init
prod1 ]$ git remote add origin
prod1 ]$ git pull origin master
prod1 ]$ ls example


prod1 ]$ git clone ssh://x.x.x.x/home/gitrepo/test1.git
prod1 ]$ git push origin master
prod1 ]$ git status

From the second time

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