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H3C Configuration

save configuration

<test-sw1> system-view

# Configuration

The current configuration will be written to the device. Are you sure? [Y/N]:y
Please input the file name(*.cfg)[flash:/config.cfg]
(To leave the existing filename unchanged, press the enter key):
flash:/config.cfg exists, overwrite? [Y/N]:y
 Validating file. Please wait....
 The current configuration is saved to the active main board successfully.
 Configuration is saved to device successfully.

without more

> screen-length disable

show configuration

>display current-configuration

Backup Configuration

[test-sw1] quit
<test-sw1> save
<test-sw1> tftp xx.xx.xx.xx put flash:/config.cfg filename

  File will be transferred in binary mode
  Sending file to remote TFTP server. Please wait... |
  TFTP:     3674 bytes sent in 2 second(s).
  File uploaded successfully.

tftp put flash:/config.cfg /conf/test-sw1.20161225.txt

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