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Brocade Fabric OS CLI Commands

Brocade Fabric OS Cascade Configuration Examples


Logic of Electing Principal switch

  • The Swich most WWN is small is elect.
  • Domain ID don't relate.
  • The existing principal switch keep going.


[Domain ID 1]  ←  Principal
[Domain ID 2]
[Domain ID 3]


Check Cascade

switch:admin> fabricshow
Switch ID Worldwide Name Enet IP Addr FC IP Addr Name
64: fffc40 10:00:00:60:69:00:06:56 "sw5"
65: fffc41 10:00:00:60:69:00:02:0b >"sw180"     <- the Principal switch
66: fffc42 10:00:00:60:69:00:05:91 "sw60"
67: fffc43 10:00:00:60:69:10:60:1f "sw187"
The Fabric has 4 switches


Operation Command Complement
Check Principal Mode fabricprincipal -q
Disable Principal Mode fabricprincipal 0
Enable Principal Mode fabricprincipal 1
Enable Principal Mode and Rebuild Fabric fabricprincipal -f 1

To display the current mode setting:
switch:admin> fabricprincipal -q
Principal Selection Mode: Enable

To disable the mode setting:
switch:admin> fabricprincipal 0
Principal Selection Mode disabled

To enable the mode setting:
switch:admin> fabricprincipal 1
Principal Selection Mode enabled

To enable the mode setting and force fabric rebuild:
switch:admin> fabricprincipal -f 1
Principal Selection Mode enabled (Forcing fabric rebuild)

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