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How to redundant in F5 BIG-IP


  • Active Device is most big management IP with Ver11.
  • Active Device is most small UnitID with Ver10.

Redundant confirmation command

Operation TMSH Commands (tmos)#
Check if configuration is synced. # tmsh show cm sync-status
# tmsh show sys config-sync
(tmsh)# show cm sync-status ← BIG-IP Ver11 and later versions
(tmos)# show sys config-sync
Check Active/Standby node # tmsh show sys failover (tmos)# show sys failover
# tmsh sh sys config-sync
    Status 2 - Peer config modified, recommend configsync from peer
    Last change (Self) 2010-08-18 16:09:27
    Last change (Peer) 2010-08-18 16:10:48
    Last Configsync 2010-08-18 16:10:03

Redundant execution command

Operation TMSH Commands (tmos)#
Sync Configuration # tmsh run cm config-sync to-group DEVICEGROUPNAME ← Ver11
# tmsh run sys config-sync ← Ver10
(tmos)#run cm config-sync to-group DEVICEGROUPNAME ← Ver11
(tmos)#run sys config-sync ← Ver10
Manual failover
* do this commands in Active Node
# tmsh run /sys failover standby (tmos)#run /sys failover standby
Ver 11
# save sys config partitions all
# run cm config-sync to-group DEVICEGROUPNAME
Ver 10

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