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Apache HTTP Server Configuration Examples

Apache MPM (Prefork , Worker, Event)

What is MPM

The core engine in Apache is called the 'MPM' -“Multi Processing Modules”.

You can choose to change the MPM.

If you want to use PHP, you must use prefork.

Prefork MPM

  • Each request/connection is handled by a process
  • Multi-processes; 1 thread per process
  • Eeach request is handled by a differentprocess.
  • This MPM is chosen mainly for stability and security.

Worker MPM

  • Each request/connection is handled by a thread
  • Multi-processes; multiple threads per process
  • This MPM is chosen for better performance and lower memory consumption.

Event MPM

  • It has been finally declared stable in Apache 2.4.
  • The way it function is similar to the Worker MPM.
  • it will assign a thread to a request.

Process vs Threads

Process -context switches are expensive
Threads -runs within a process
-no context switch

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