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HPE Integrity server

HP Integrity MP : CM HELP

[test-server1-mp] MP> cm

[test-server1-mp] MP:CM> he

BO	: Boot a partition.
DATE	: Set the time and date
DF	: Display FRU information of an Entity.
FW      : Obsolete
DFW     : Obsolete
MA	: Return to the Main menu.
OSP     : Obsolete
PE	: Power entities on or off.
PWRGRD  : Allows user to configure the power grid
RE	: Reset entity.
RR	: Reset a partition for reconfiguration.
RS	: Reset a partition.
SYSREV  : Returns all System Revisions
TC	: Send a TOC signal to a partition.

Press q to quit or <CR> to continue...df

TE	: Broadcast a message to all users of the MP Command Handler.
WHO     : Display a list of MP connected users 
LOC	: Display and Set Locator LED status.

Press q to quit or <CR> to continue...

CP	: Display partition cell assignments
DE	: Display entity status
DU	: Display devices on bus
HE	: Display the list of available commands
LS	: Display MP LAN configuration
PS	: Display detailed power and hardware configuration status.

Press q to quit or <CR> to continue...

CA	: Obsolete; Only displays local rs232 parameters
CC	: Initiate a Complex Configuration
CG      : Obsolete
UPS     : Set parameters for ups monitoring via snmp
SNMP    : Set SNMP daemon parameters
CP	: Display partition cell assignments
DC      : Reset parameters to default configuration
DI      : Disconnect remote, telnet, web, or ssh consoles
ID	: Change certain stable complex configuration profile fields
IF	: Displays network interface information
IT	: Modify command interface inactivity timeout
LC	: Configure MP LAN interface 
LS	: Display MP LAN configuration
PARPERM : Enable/Disable Interpartition Security

Press q to quit or <CR> to continue...q
[test-server-1-mp] MP:CM> 

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