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NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode CLI Commands [Old Device]

Netapp :: SP


Operation Command Complement
Help help
Display the SP infomation sp status IP, Version
Setup setup SP and System
SP Setup sp setup Only SP Setup
ONTAP Console system console In console “Ctrl + D” is exit


> help
date - print date and time
exit - exit from the SP command line interface
events - print system events and event information
help - print command help
priv - show and set user mode
sp - commands to control the SP
rsa - commands for Remote Support Agent
system - commands to control the system
version - print SP version
> system
system acp - acp related commands
system battery - battery related commands
system console - connect to the system console
system core - dump the system core and reset
system cpld - cpld commands
system log - print system console logs
system power - commands controlling system power
system reset - reset the system using the selected firmware
system sensors - print environmental sensors status
system fru - fru related commands
system forensics - configure watchdog forensics collection settings
system watchdog - system watchdog commands
> sp
sp verbose - verbose related commands
sp log - print SP information files
sp reboot - reboot the SP
sp status - print SP status information
sp update - update Service Processor firmware
sp uptime - display service processor uptime

> sp status
        Service Processor      Status: Online
		     Firmware Version:   1.0
		     Mgmt MAC Address:   00:A0:98:XX:XX:XX
		     Ethernet Link:      up
		     Using DHCP:         no
	IPv4 configuration:
		     IP Address:         192.168.10.xx
> sp setup
   The Service Processor (SP) provides remote management capabilities
   including console redirection, logging and power control.
   It also extends autosupport by sending
   additional system event alerts. Your autosupport settings are use
   for sending these alerts via email over the SP LAN interface.
Would you like to configure the SP? y
Would you like to enable DHCP on the SP LAN interface? n
Please enter the IP address of the SP []: 192.168.10.xx
Please enter the netmask of the SP []:
Please enter the IP address for the SP gateway []:
Verifying mailhost settings for SP use...

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