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NetApp Data ONTAP 7-Mode CLI Commands [Old Device]

Netapp :: Flex Volume

Basic Knowlege

You can create FlexVol volumes, clone them, determine the amount of space they use, resize them, and display their containing aggregate, among other tasks.


Checking Flex Volume

Operation Command Complement
Display Aggregation vol status
vol status -v
vol status -l ← Check the language code
Displays the name of the aggregate that contains flexible volume. vol container VOLNAME
vol container vol2
Display RAID Status vol status -r -r : displays a list of the RAID information for that volume
Display volume size df -h
Display inode of volume df -i
Displays or changes the character mapping on volname. vol lang VOLNAME ← display

Setting Flex Volume

Operation Command Complement
Creates a flexible volume vol create test_share -s volume aggr1 20m
vol create vol2 aggr1 10g
vol create vol2 -l C aggr1 1t
-s volume ← Default
Create a flexble volume with Thin provisioning
vol create pocvol1 -s none aggr1 1000m -s none ← guarantee=non
Change Volume Size vol size VOLNAME +SIZE
vol size vol2 +100g
You don't need remount the volume.
The inode is chenged, too.
Renames the volume vol rename VOLNAME NEWNAME
Online Volume vol online vol1
Offline Volume vol offline vol1
Delete Volume vol destroy VOLNAME
vol destroy vol2
You must be offline volume.



toaster> df
  Filesystem          kbytes   used     avail   capacity Mounted on
  /vol/vol0           4339168  1777824  2561344 41%      /vol/vol0
  /vol/vol0/.snapshot 1084788  956716   128072  88%      /vol/vol0/.snapshot
  toaster> df -i /vol/vol0
  Filesystem          iused    ifree    %iused  Mounted on
  /vol/vol0           164591   14313    92%     /vol/vol0
>vol status vol1 -r

Displays the RAID information about the volume named vol1:

  Volume vol0 (online, raid4) (zoned checksums)
    Plex /vol0/plex0 (online, normal, active)
      RAID group /vol0/plex0/rg0 (normal)

        RAID Disk Device  HA    SHELF BAY CHAN  Used (MB/blks)    Phys (MB/blks)
        --------- ------  --------------- ----  --------------    --------------
        parity    3a.0    3a    0     0   FC:A  34500/70656000    35239/72170880
        data      3a.1    3a    0     1   FC:A  34500/70656000    35239/72170880

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