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HA Cluster (High Availability)

HPE Serviceguard


  • HPE Serviceguard for Linux (SGLX)




Cluster Operation

Operation Commands
Check Cluster cmviewcl
cmviewcl -v
Start Cluster cmruncl
cmruncl -v
cmruncl -v -n NODE
cmruncl -v -f -n NODE
Stop Cluster cmhaltcl -v -f
Adding the Node to the Clustet already exists cmrunnode -v NODE
Stop Cluster with one node cmhaltnode -v -f NODE
Warning: this command dones not work well.
Start Cluster with one node cmrunnode -v NODE
Warning: this command dones not work well.
Change NIC Down Status cmmodnet -e lanX
check : cmviewcl -v

Cluster Configuration

Operation Commands
before cmquerycl
cmpreparecl -n NODE1 -n NODE2 -p #validation
cmpreparecl -n NODE1 -n NODE2 #execute
There is a need to allow root login in ssh.
cmpreparecl update /etc/hosts, /etc/nsswitch.conf and so on.
Create cluster template cmquerycl -v -L /dev/mapper/mpath6p1 -n SERVER1 -n SERVER2 -C $SGCONF/test.config
Check cluster configuration cmcheckconf -v -C $SGCONF/cluster.conf
Deploy configuration to other server cmapplyconf -v -C $SGCONF/cluster.conf
Delete Cluster cmdeleteconf -f -c CLUSTER
Expot Cluster Configuration cmgetconf -c CLUSTERNAME FILE


Package Operation

Operation Commands
Check Package cmviewcl
cmviewcl -v
Start Package cmrunpkg PACKAGE
cmrunpkg -n NODE PACKAGE
Stop Package cmhaltpkg PACAGE
cmhaltpkg -n NODE PACAGE
AUTO_RUN cmmodpkg -e PACKAGE_NAME ← enable
cmmodpkg -d PACKAGE_NAME ← disable
SWITCHING cmmodpkg -e -n test-server1 PACKAGE_NAME ← enalbe
cmmodpkg -d -n test-server1 PACKAGE_NAME ← disable

Package Configuration

Operation Commands
Create package template cmmakepkg $SGCONF/pkg1/pkg1.conf ← I recommend this command.
cmmakepkg -n pkg1 -m sg/failover $SGCONF/pkg1/pkg1.conf
cmmakepkg -m sg/failover -m sg/package_ip -m sg/service -m sg/filesystem -m sg/volume_group $SGCONF/pkg1/pkg1.conf
Check package configuration cmcheckconf -v -P pkg1.conf
cmcheckconf -v -P $SGCONF/pkg1/pkg1.conf
Deploy package configuration to other server cmapplyconf -P pkg1.conf
cmapplyconf -v -P $SGCONF/pkg1/pkg1.conf
Create package control script cmmakepkg -s /usr/local/cmcluster/conf/pkg1/script/
Delete Package cmdeleteconf -v -p PACKAGE
Export Package Configuration cmgetconf -p PACAGE FILE


Operation Commands
Backup license cp /usr/local/cmcluster/conf/AutoPass/LicFile.txt /usr/local/cmcluster/conf/AutoPass/
to renew Serviceguard license (applicable on Linux only) cmsetlicense -i server1.lic
displays Serviceguard License information cmgetlicense
cmgetlicense -f line
# cmgetlicense
Checking for license.........
Found Valid Instant ON License
Days Remaining before Expiration:55

# cp /usr/local/cmcluster/conf/AutoPass/LicFile.txt /usr/local/cmcluster/conf/AutoPass/

# cmsetlicense -i xxxx.lic

# cmgetlicense
Checking for license.........
Found Valid Base License
Number of Base licenses:1

# cmgetlicense -f line


OS Path
Linux /usr/local/cmcluster/run/log/
HP-UX /var/adm/cmcluster/log/

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